Anonymous Super Fan:

I couldn't be vegan because of your biscotti!

Abbie Mashaal:

I hope you realize that's not just a job, you are spreading happiness.

David Steiner:(Reference to a Sugar Whipped Treat)

It was like Christmas morning but better then that.

Chris Astheimer:

On a scale from one to five, I give your cupcakes an eight!

Bonnie Finley:

I don't want to finish the last bite because then I know it'll be over!

Diego Calderoni:

Most husbands eat their wife's baked goods because they feel obligated to. I eat my wife's baked goods because I simply can't resist them.

Most Interesting Man in the World:

I normally don't consume baked goods, but when I do it's Sugar Whipped Boise's baked goods.

Customer at The District:

I would be willing to get fat for your Salted Caramel Rice Crispy Treats.